Dane Cook (Actor/Comedian)

“Christine took my workout routine to the next level. While many ‘as seen on TV’ workouts overdo it and burn you out fast with their newest extreme home fitness fad, Chris cultivates a proper, well thought-out regimen. Over time it’s a better all-around physical and mental workout. Geared towards what your body needs to rejuvenate and repair itself properly and with tons of short- and long-term benefits. Chris knows the routine for you. She definitely did for me. I’ve never enjoyed hitting the gym more.”

Maggie Siff (Actor)

“Chris Hazelton is a fantastic trainer. For years my main form of physical exercise was yoga. But I came to Chris because I ran into back problems and alignment issues. She looked me over, told me I was a jigsaw puzzle that needed to be solved, and got to work on it. For three years she’s been working on it and lifelong habits have slowly changed. She’s led me to place where my body has resolved many muscular imbalances and strengthened my core to protect my lower back in a way that yoga never could. And really the best part is that now I can do all the physical things I love to do — including yoga which I have returned to with a renewed strength. She’s strong and challenging but super focused on the body in front of her and finding ways to build strength without running the risk of injury. And she’s a great person to be around which really matters when you log that kind of time with someone. Her outlook is positive, her sense of humor fantastic, and her knowledge of the body superior.”

David Giuntoli (Actor)

“Christine is unequivocally the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. She’ll make you buff, repair stubborn injuries, and do it all with clever sardonic wit. I would (and do) recommend anyone to train with her and I’m glad to call her a friend to boot.”

Mia Kirshner (Actor)

“Christine makes you care about working out. She is the first trainer that I’ve worked with who was invested in the process and outcome my workout goals. She changed my body and my eating habits. She is a master of butt exercises. She makes working out fun. She pushed me to be my very best when I felt like stopping. And as a totally bonus, her Bodyfate app is AMAZING. It’s what I use when I’m on the road. The app keeps the workouts fresh and as challenging as you want them to be. I can’t recommend her more.”

Alan Ball (Writer, Director, Producer)

“Chris is a terrific trainer. She’s extremely knowledgeable about body mechanics, highly motivating, and a stickler for form. While working out with her, my cholesterol dropped from borderline dangerous to a very healthy level, and I didn’t have to go on medication, which my doctor had been pushing for. Plus she’s funny, smart, and manages to make each workout enjoyable while pushing you to work harder and more efficiently. You cannot go wrong with chris!”

Lisa Cholodenko (Writer/Director)

“Chris is the best of the best. She’s the rare trainer who can get you in to excellent condition and keep you on track without burning you out. She sees the big picture and the whole person and tailors her approach to each individual’s needs. She’s gotten me in shape post birth of my kid and helped me down red carpets too! She’s also funny as hell!”

Thomas Jane (Actor)

“I’ve been training with Christine for a decade. Why? It’s simple. She’s the very best at what she does.”

Sonya Walger (Actor)

“I’ve been working out with Chris for nearly a year now and I have never been happier with my body. She is quite simply the best trainer I have ever worked with – her understanding of structure, posture, nutrition, quite apart from her apparently endless repertoire of workouts, make her just exceptional. This is the easiest testimonial I’ve ever written because it comes completely from the heart. She’s a gem, hilarious and fiercely dedicated to her clients. She notices the shifts and changes in my body before I do. I have never looked better – she has changed the shape of my body, so that my metabolism works faster and I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I’ve ever been. I’ve trained with so many trainers and none of them can hold a candle to Chris. She’s taught me not just how to drop weight healthily, but how to maintain it too. She invented this game, Body Fate, (a kind of exercise roulette) that we play in the gym and she’s turning into an I-Phone app – I cannot wait for it to come out. I have never had the slightest injury working with her or even the threat of one – she is meticulous in making you use your body properly and maintaining good form. Oh and did I mention she’s hot, whip smart and wicked funny. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

David S. Goyer (Writer/Director)

“I’ve been training with Christine for 9 years now and she has completely changed my life. I’m 47 now and in better shape than I was when I was in my twenties. She is informed, relentless, and a hell of a lot of fun.”

Jessica Collins (Actor)

“Christine has been whipping me into the best physical condition I can possibly be in since 2007. Being an actress as well as a professional chef, she’s been the biggest influence on my staying fit without sacrificing my serious love for all things food. Her delightful sense of humor and quick wit make our workouts entertaining and fun. Her extensive training credentials and knowledge of health is second to none and I trust her completely with all of my fitness needs. Christine understands that no two people are the same and she designs her workouts specific to each individuals needs. When you meet her, you’ll understand why her clients are so loyal- many of us have been training with her for years. If you’re considering hiring a trainer for your workouts, look no further. You’ve just hit the jackpot with Christine Hazleton.”

Rio Flynn (Actor)

“Christine Hazelton is the most dedicated, and educated personal trainer I have ever worked with. She lives it and breathes it. Her almost encyclopedic knowledge regarding fitness, nutrition, and general physiology all add up to make her one of the most effective trainers in the field. I personally never saw physical results until I met Christine, she was the only one who was able to asses my body and create a plan that was effective enough to change it. I gained 30 pounds of muscle mass under her supervision, and It could NOT have been achieved without her guidance and counsel.”

Stuart Blumberg (Writer/Director)

“I’ve been training with Christine Hazelton for over a decade and she is hands-down the best trainer I have ever worked with. Her infectious desire to help people become their best selves, her knowledge of the human body, her grasp of the most cutting-edge training methods are all unparalleled. She makes it a joy to come train, which is saying a lot.”


It has been my unique privilege to work with some of the most spirited,
generous, and entertaining clients any personal trainer could wish for.