In 2010 I launched BodyFate, an iPhone application that contains many of the routines I use with my clients. Inspired by the games I'd created with clients to make their workouts more fun and packed with two decades' worth of understanding what exercises pay off in the long run, BodyFate is the closest you can come to training with me outside of Loft 11.


New York Times

 ”Count on your quaking muscles.”

Shape Magazine

 One of the best fitness apps of 2011.


 2010 Hot Trends Personal Trainer apps.


Men's Fitness

 Featured iPhone trainer app.


 ”Must have” digital download.


 ”This one is different…”



 Never the same workout.

No Gym Needed

 Non-machine-based exercises.


 Intense, full-body circuit training.




“I travel a lot and love that I can add or drop exercises and equipment based on what’s actually in the hotel Gym. not sure how the app could be better but I try to save 5 star reviews for apps I can’t live without. You know what, forget it this IS an app I can’t live without.” –rjf98 (5 stars)




“This game is awesome! Like having Christine Hazelton (the best trainer I have ever worked with) in your pocket. It’s foolproof, ingenious, fun to use and kicks my ass every time. I cannot recommend it highly enough – for traveling, for motivating, for saving money when you want a trainer but can’t afford one, for anyone who’s ever been stuck in a rut with their workouts. BodyFate honestly makes it fun to work out.” –Sonya Walger (Actor)




“It gives a nice mix of upper/lower body and weights aerobics automatically. This can be used in between lifting days or as a workout program all on it’s own. The best part is how you can select what difficulty you want and what things you have available to workout with and let it do the rest. This had become a fun game that had not only helped me break plateaus but had made my 3 children interested in fitness too as they see it as a game!” –Lightbrazer (5 stars)




“Nothing kicks my ass more than BODYFATE! I’m leaner than ever. Keeps the workouts entertaining and challenging because you never know what the hell is going to happen next!” –Thomas Jane (Actor)