Christine Hazelton

Hollywood-based celebrity trainer and fitness expert.
Owner of Loft 11 Fitness. Creator of BodyFate.

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Christine Hazelton

Fitness is my passion

I am a personal trainer because I believe we direct the story of our health. None of us can cheat death, and none of us has perfect genes. But few of us exercise the real control we have over our physical health and, consequently, our ultimate fulfillment.

I’ve witnessed some of the closest people in my life lose the ability to fully participate in their own lives due to inactivity and unhealthy choices. What they couldn’t see I saw all too clearly: health matters. In a real sense, health is all that matters, for without it we cannot fully experience joy.

My goal with clients is to create a strong foundation of functional strength resulting in an attractive aesthetic and a true love of exercise. I believe in balance. By eliminating the confusion of extreme exercise, dieting, and guilt, we create a place where my clients can truly live and enjoy the freedom of the life and the body they’ve imagined.



I am a Canadian native with over 20 years experience in personal fitness training. In 2001 I cofounded KOR Gym in Hollywood where I trained numerous A-List actors, writers, directors, and producers, including Matt Damon for the role of Jason Bourne. While at KOR I developed the popular and influential Sync-Cycle class.

In 2010 I created BodyFate for the iPhone, a personal training app that instantly shot to #1 in its category and remains one of the best reviewed fitness apps available for iOS. In 2012 I left KOR Gym to found Loft 11 Fitness, an exclusive personal training space where I am able to give my clients more personalized attention and see a bigger positive impact on their lifelong health.



 Building the foundation of a house is the hardest work. It requires deadlines, goals, discipline, tenacity, and help. After you’ve reached your goals, the house is upright and solid. Regular maintenance is mandatory, but it will never be as hard. You can enjoy and truly live in your house.

 The mind is the biggest obstacle and strongest force in training and getting results. It’s all about seeing things differently. If you’re not ready to change, there will be no change.


 I believe in balance. You can’t live in the extreme for long.
 I train using science, experience, and intuition to get results.
 I believe in training the body as a whole.
 80% of body fat loss and muscle gain is nutrition.
 Continuing education is vital for a trainer as our understanding of the body is ever changing. That’s why doctors practice medicine.


 ACSM-HFS (American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist).
 NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Condition Association Certified Personal Trainer).
 Member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association since 1997.
 Other certifications throughout my career include NASM and ACE.



“As the Co-Executive Producer of The Biggest Loser on NBC, I deal with health and fitness on a daily basis. I have access to the best trainers in the world and I personally choose to go to Christine Hazelton because I honestly believe that she is one of the best trainers around. The results that she has helped me attain are truly remarkable and I cannot say enough amazing things about her. She is a true gem who anyone would be lucky to have as their trainer” — Alex Katz, Co-Executive Producer of The Biggest Loser